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Do Marketing Blog

4 Ways To Enhance Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Never has marketing been in a stronger position to prove that their efforts are generating ROI and managing to hand over sales qualified leads to the sales team.  ”Content creation and...Read more...

What Online Marketing Metrics Should I Track?

With online comes measurability. Something that, in all honesty, has been sorely lacking within the marketing discipline for the majority of it’s existance. It doesn’t matter if you have plenty of...Read more...

What Is Inbound Marketing and How To Get Your Team on Board?

Inbound marketing, known for a change so significant it has been coined a paradigm shift. And it is happening right now. Is your team on board with the process? Why do you need to focus on content...Read more...

What Marketing Tools Should I Be Using?

As marketing moves to being more and more digital, a multitude of marketing tools have popped up to try to cover the new functionality gained from moving online. What marketing tools should be used...Read more...

Do Tech Blog

String manipulation with jQuery

Every once in a while as a front end developer, you run into the problem of insufficient backend to support your design. It might be a chunk of text that you would want to be delivered to the front...Read more...

Animated bootstrap progress bars with jQuery

Bootstrap has a bunch of nifty built in components. However, like I covered in earlier blog posts, they should act more like a starting point for your design efforts than an out of the box finished...Read more...

More semantically correct HTML with Less and Bootstrap

and the separation of presentation and content... In one of my earlier blog posts I discussed the growing use of design frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. This post will elaborate further...Read more...

Manage multiple heroku environments from the same repo

Every web applicaction run on heroku has at the very least two environments, one development environment which most likely is running locally on your computer and one remote traditionally named...Read more...

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