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Why It’s A Good Thing That Marketers Ruin Everything

Whenever there’s any sort of new innovation, especially digital, marketers like you and I will inevitably try to exploit it. It’s simply part of our DNA. If there’s an opportunity to take advantage...Read more...

In 2015 We Will Organize Marketing and Sales According To Problems We Solve

The year of 2014 was the year when Inbound Marketing boomed in Scandinavia. Having worked in the area of inbound marketing for years and having to previously educate on the subject, I did feel a...Read more...

Why Do IT SMB Companies Want To Focus On Content Marketing?

  As a CEO and owner of a IT company who wants to scale it's business a challenge is to, to some extent, let go of the entrepreneurial spirit, and letting go of controlling the details within...Read more...

Could Swearing Help You Get More User Engagement?

Cuss-, or swearwords, are a natural part of most peoples vocabulary. They help emphasize certain points we want to make and show that we're passionate about a subject. Of course, most people would...Read more...

Do Tech Blog

Välkommen på Agile Afterwork 2015-04-01!

Välkomna på Agil AW! Sundsvall är en härlig och fantastiskt vacker stad som, till viss del, präglas av myndigheter och IT. Fördomar kan säga att det inte låter häftigt, men det är det! Myndigheter...Read more...

String manipulation with jQuery

Every once in a while as a front end developer, you run into the problem of insufficient backend to support your design. It might be a chunk of text that you would want to be delivered to the front...Read more...

Animated bootstrap progress bars with jQuery

Bootstrap has a bunch of nifty built in components. However, like I covered in earlier blog posts, they should act more like a starting point for your design efforts than an out of the box finished...Read more...

More semantically correct HTML with Less and Bootstrap

and the separation of presentation and content... In one of my earlier blog posts I discussed the growing use of design frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. This post will elaborate further...Read more...

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