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Do Marketing Blog

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Scandinavian State of Twitter

Get a grip on how Twitter users across the Scandinavian countries look like, as we dig into analytics and statistics. How many are active, what are the age-groups, is one gender more prominent than...Read more...

Your Customer's Need In The Right Context

The importance of understanding your audience Communicating how your company can best serve the customers in order to help them overcome its challenges and ultimately help them become more efficient...Read more...

Can We Please Stop Using Generic Stock Photos?

I get it, you’re pressed for time. You need to get that article, web page, email, or brochure out in time. You said you’d get it done by the end of this week, and now all that’s missing is to fill it...Read more...

The Digital Era Of Humanity Where Content Marketing For B2B Is Critical

Introduction  Just finished another kick off meeting in the inbound world together with wonderful colleagues. This time the client had understood the critical importance of content marketing....Read more...

Do Tech Blog

Välkommen på Agile Afterwork 2015-04-01!

Välkomna på Agil AW! Sundsvall är en härlig och fantastiskt vacker stad som, till viss del, präglas av myndigheter och IT. Fördomar kan säga att det inte låter häftigt, men det är det! Myndigheter...Read more...

String manipulation with jQuery

Every once in a while as a front end developer, you run into the problem of insufficient backend to support your design. It might be a chunk of text that you would want to be delivered to the front...Read more...

Animated bootstrap progress bars with jQuery

Bootstrap has a bunch of nifty built in components. However, like I covered in earlier blog posts, they should act more like a starting point for your design efforts than an out of the box finished...Read more...

More semantically correct HTML with Less and Bootstrap

and the separation of presentation and content... In one of my earlier blog posts I discussed the growing use of design frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. This post will elaborate further...Read more...

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